Event Not fired in hbTapi but happen in TAPI

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Event Not fired in hbTapi but happen in TAPI

Post by barak@mikunim.co.il » Thu Dec 15, 2016 1:36 pm


i tried to submit http://hbtapi.com/support/index.htm but recived an error.
i am using the lateset version and combining the software with asterisk and activeTAPI to register events from the TAPI to the delphi hbtapi to my software.

i just bought the upgrade component for enterprise
, i used the professional version with dephi delphi 2009.

i have a situation that the TAPI does not trigger events in delphi xe7 application with the hbtapi.

could you help me find the reason why events are not fired? in what way can i debug this? is there a setting im missing?

i am using onConnected onCallState and OnCallEnd.
none are fired.
i looked at the active Tapi event log, and it does fire the event, and has the call registered in its logs.

any help would be appreciated at this point.

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